Let us enjoy today, for tomorrow is the day of truth

today marks the end of summer, the end of a seasonally peaceful time in my life.
tomorrow morning, my husband and I will wake up, leave the house to go to work and yet again, our fate will be decided...

for the last three years, my husband has been in a perpetual and guaranteed bad mood each morning (monday-friday) becuase of the obnoxious crossing guard that stands on our lawn to cross the small ones to the school across the street.

For the first two years, the guard did not bother me. Her loud jersey accent hollering from 7am on, her bad habit of stealing my parking spot on the street, and her little brat-faced son playing in my yard, sititting on my steps, and throwing his trash on my grass was just not enough to annoy me.

It was only after our spirits were crushed following last year's disenchanting reality that she would not be trasnferring onto another corner, that the preceding behaviors really began to bother me.

I haven't spoken to the woman in over a year. I see her more than I do some members of my own family. The social tension is so strange for me, a person who usually greets everyone she sees... 

if she is standing on my lawn tomorrow I don't know what my husband and I will do. Three years is enough of this torture of inconsiderate madness. It must end.

MAPA's reighn of terror shall cease and a new leader of the children be ushered in as of 9/7/10....

I can only hope they are a more fair and kind ruler of E 2nd street....

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Suck my non-existent penis


For the past two days I have been hearing short snippets on various news channels about this 11 year old gal who posted some rant on the internet. It appears that she was making a short cinematic retaliation for some chumps calling her a poser. To make matters even worse, her toothless father chimed in and was under the impression that yelling at people on a you tube video was intimidating. It's just hilarious, or something. When you watch this video, it will seriously give you the douche chills.

Could you imagine the type of shit you would have posted if you tube was around when you were 11?

It frightens me just thinking about it.

Webcams will be banned for Walt until he is a minimum of 16 years old.


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Ask and you shall receive

This is a picture of the newly reunited and recently refreshed Jim Hooker following his sabaticle from the NJN News Circut.
He is back in full swing and I am quite pleased.
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Ohh where ohh where can my baby be?????????????

It seems as though NJN has taken him away from me....
Adrienne Supino is not half the news anchor the almighty Mister Jim Hooker has been.
About a month ago, I noticed that Jim Hooker was not reporting all the most important New Jersey News to me at 5:30pm. 
I have faithfully tuned in for quite some time now, each evening, being greeted by Hookers glory.
At first I justified his absence typically. I figured, it's ok, he's just on vacation, we all need a break once in a while.
Yet as of late, the truth of the situation seems more and more evident.
No Jim Hooker. Only these jokers Zachary Fink and Adrienne Supino.

NJN please hear my cry........ I DEMAND JIM HOOKER!!!!!!!!!!!

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The 200 Block of Central Ave

Above, you see one of the many reasons I love the location of my house in Runnemede.
Our home is directly across the street from the Runnemede School, aka Downing Elementary.
Built partially in 1927 and finished in 1930, this brick schoolhouse is a beaut.
Being a historical building enthusiast, I was immediately attracted to the old structure, and it only heightened my interest in the property.

The school brightens my day on the regular for a number of reasons which I will outline now.
#1- On the old front facade of the building (no longer in use) along Central, there is a fantastic whimsical painted glass window above the double doors. The scene consists of a kitten in a boat with a duck's head carved into the mast, asail on a strange sea, and a smirking moon watching over the fairy tale duo.It is beautifully done and shines so wonderfully blue while the janitors are working at night.
Upon first glance, I was convinced that the window was original to the building. I am so smitten by the window that it is a must stop on the house tour for first time Chateau Benedict visitors. Turns out the the piece was completed by Ken Leap of Runnemede (circa 1993), Downing school alum, and son of the town historian, Bill Leap.

My husband bought me a weekend long workshop with Ken at Wheaton Village for Xmas a couple of years back.
He was not impressed that I knew of and loved his window, nor his father's ridicuously long book- A History of Runnemede NJ.
The window is so beautiful, the fact that it's creator was kind of  a butt head does not detract from my love of it.

#2- Every spring and summer night right after the birds make their final flight for the day, you can see a moderately large colony of bats fly out of the chimney on top of the school and begin their hunt for the local fare. The fact that I can set up a chair in my driveway whenever I want and see such a cool display is just the best.
Last summer the chimney required repairs. When I saw the contractors out working on the roof, I was sure to stop and inform the foreman of the colony of bats, as to not disturb them of course. I was worried that they might have intentionally messed with the bats because for a while there, I really thought they had moved their home. Alas, I have seen their return this spring and am quite pleased. Not a better place for them in all the town!

#3- Each night in one of the classrooms facing my house, there is a weird tv that is left on, and the screen shines blue all night long in the dark dark classroom. I can see it from my house and it just creeps me the hell out. Turn that  dang thing off for crying out loud.
The tv adds some mystery to the school and I like it. I have never been inside, only in my dreams. Literally.

#4- The facade of the school itself if very interesting: It is adorned with unorthodox brick designs, has the classic "Boys" and "Girls" separate entrances, and has a beautiful poem posted to the front wall of the school dedicated to all of thier students who have passed on. Gets me everytime!

The old school is a Runnemede treat and I am glad that I know of it's glory.


Nigga Please......

Walt is sleeping.....
Never thought that i would actually get the time to post on this newly created internet "journal". I hate the word blog, and
I'm not even sure if this is considered a blog. I hope not.
For years I have been steadfastly against mypsace and or facebook or whatever social networking site was hip at the time.
My philosophy has always been, a virtual representation of me is totally unacceptable, and those that I dig enough to communicate with, I will do so in real life and reap the benefit of me in living color.
Real life... I guess the internet is real life now that my days consist of momma duties, eating carrots and watching comedy central presents episodes continuously.
Someone just opened his eyes, my window of opportunity is quickly closing.
Truth is, I love being a Momma and a wife, and a partner.
Corny, I know.
Looks like my uncle Billy installed that window because it just slammed shut.
I will try my best to sharpen my mental skills and post some interesting and or humorous jags on this bad boy.
Walt has stolen my intellect..... I am on a mission to steal it back.
Signing off- Katy B


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