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Ohh where ohh where can my baby be?????????????

It seems as though NJN has taken him away from me....
Adrienne Supino is not half the news anchor the almighty Mister Jim Hooker has been.
About a month ago, I noticed that Jim Hooker was not reporting all the most important New Jersey News to me at 5:30pm. 
I have faithfully tuned in for quite some time now, each evening, being greeted by Hookers glory.
At first I justified his absence typically. I figured, it's ok, he's just on vacation, we all need a break once in a while.
Yet as of late, the truth of the situation seems more and more evident.
No Jim Hooker. Only these jokers Zachary Fink and Adrienne Supino.

NJN please hear my cry........ I DEMAND JIM HOOKER!!!!!!!!!!!

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Don't Go Hooking around here

Not sure why you love Jim Hooker so much. I just enjoy his hilarious last name.

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