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Let us enjoy today, for tomorrow is the day of truth

today marks the end of summer, the end of a seasonally peaceful time in my life.
tomorrow morning, my husband and I will wake up, leave the house to go to work and yet again, our fate will be decided...

for the last three years, my husband has been in a perpetual and guaranteed bad mood each morning (monday-friday) becuase of the obnoxious crossing guard that stands on our lawn to cross the small ones to the school across the street.

For the first two years, the guard did not bother me. Her loud jersey accent hollering from 7am on, her bad habit of stealing my parking spot on the street, and her little brat-faced son playing in my yard, sititting on my steps, and throwing his trash on my grass was just not enough to annoy me.

It was only after our spirits were crushed following last year's disenchanting reality that she would not be trasnferring onto another corner, that the preceding behaviors really began to bother me.

I haven't spoken to the woman in over a year. I see her more than I do some members of my own family. The social tension is so strange for me, a person who usually greets everyone she sees... 

if she is standing on my lawn tomorrow I don't know what my husband and I will do. Three years is enough of this torture of inconsiderate madness. It must end.

MAPA's reighn of terror shall cease and a new leader of the children be ushered in as of 9/7/10....

I can only hope they are a more fair and kind ruler of E 2nd street....


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