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Nigga Please......

Walt is sleeping.....
Never thought that i would actually get the time to post on this newly created internet "journal". I hate the word blog, and
I'm not even sure if this is considered a blog. I hope not.
For years I have been steadfastly against mypsace and or facebook or whatever social networking site was hip at the time.
My philosophy has always been, a virtual representation of me is totally unacceptable, and those that I dig enough to communicate with, I will do so in real life and reap the benefit of me in living color.
Real life... I guess the internet is real life now that my days consist of momma duties, eating carrots and watching comedy central presents episodes continuously.
Someone just opened his eyes, my window of opportunity is quickly closing.
Truth is, I love being a Momma and a wife, and a partner.
Corny, I know.
Looks like my uncle Billy installed that window because it just slammed shut.
I will try my best to sharpen my mental skills and post some interesting and or humorous jags on this bad boy.
Walt has stolen my intellect..... I am on a mission to steal it back.
Signing off- Katy B


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Well, Please is the magic word

The title of this is a little misleading. I thought maybe you had a gripe with the black community. You are a true wordsmith.

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